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National and International Current Affairs 4th January 2024

1.     Income Support Programmes:  The Indian National Congress proposed the NYAY scheme, offering Rs 72,000 annually to eligible families, different from UBI due to limited scope and subsidies, unlike the universal UBI concept.

2.     India’s Palm Oil Imports:  India imports palm oil extensively for various uses, focusing on increasing domestic oil palm cultivation to reduce reliance on imports through the National Mission on Edible Oils.

3.     Antimicrobial Resistance: Recognized as a global health threat, antimicrobial resistance arises from overuse of antibiotics and poor sanitation, necessitating global action plans, surveillance systems, and research efforts to combat its impact.

4.     India-Australia ECTA:  The Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement between India and Australia aims to boost bilateral trade, offering preferential access to each other’s markets, with expectations of increased exports and job creation.

5.     Cyber Crimes in India:  Cybercrimes in India, including hacking, phishing, and fraud, are on the rise, with significant incidents originating from outside the country. Government initiatives aim to prevent and address cybercrimes through various agencies and reporting mechanisms

6.     Denmark’s Queen Margrethe II: The queen of Denmark said she’ll stop being queen after 52 years. Her son will become the new king.

7.     Oman’s Hockeys World Cup:  Oman built a new stadium for a big hockey tournament before the Olympics.

8.     France’s Online Visas:  France made a new system for online visas for the Olympics, making it easier for athletes and journalists to apply.

9.     Fast Reactor Plant in Tamil Nadu: India made a special plant for nuclear power to make energy and reuse nuclear fuel.

10. ICJS in Uttar Pradesh:  A system in Uttar Pradesh helps police, jails, and courts share information better.

11. Projects in Lakshadweep:  India made big projects in Lakshadweep, like faster internet and a better undersea cable.

12. Investments in Gujarat:  Companies are planning to invest a lot of money in Gujarat for things like energy and oil.

13. New Commander for Western Naval Command:  A new leader took over a big naval command in India.

14. India’s Economic Growth: Experts think India’s economy might grow more than they first thought.

15. Manufacturing Slowdown in December:  Even though factories grew slower in December, they’re still doing okay.

16. Asia Pacific Economic Growth:  Experts say countries in Asia will grow a lot this year.

17. PNB Housing Finance Ratings Upgrade:  A company in India got better ratings for its loans.

18. Vodafone Idea Director’s Move to Air India:  A director at Vodafone Idea is moving to Air India.

19. Reliance Industries’ Certification:  Reliance Industries became the first in India to make a special type of recycled plastic.

20. SBI’s Financing for Environmental Projects:  SBI got a lot of money to help the environment.

21. World Braille Day:  January 4 is a day to remember Louis Braille and help people with sight problems.

22. Czech PM at Vibrant Gujarat Summit:  The Czech Prime Minister is the main guest at a big event in Gujarat.

23. New President of European Investment Bank:  Nadia Calvino is the new boss at a bank in Europe.

24. Puneet Chhatwal Leading FAITH:  A leader in the hotel industry will now lead an association in tourism and hospitality.

25. New Spokesperson at MEA:  There’s a new person talking for India’s Ministry of External Affairs.

26. Adani Ports Changes Leadership:  Some important people changed roles at Adani Ports.

27. Justice Sanjiv Khanna’s New Role:  A judge is now in charge of legal help for people who need it.

28. Prof B R Kamboj Gets Award:  A professor got an award for helping farmers.

29. Book on Ram Mandir Released:  A book about the Ram Mandir was launched by the Kerala Governor.

30. Special Book for PM Modi:  The Prime Minister got a special book about a famous temple.

31. Beatrice Chebet’s World Record: A runner from Kenya broke a world record for a 5 km race.

32. ISRO’s Satellite Launch:  India’s space agency is sending a big satellite into space with SpaceX.